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Pulping Machine D Type Hydrapulper

D type hydrapulper is suitable for most raw materials and can continuously pulp all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper. It usually work with drum screen, ragger,grapple and other pulping machine to remove the large impurities in the pulp. Leizhan offers full set of pulp&paper machine. Our D type hydrapulper is applied in numerous paper mills with high praised by our customers.

Main Details of D Type Hydrapulper

Consistency: 3-5%
Mesh specifications: φ10-φ24mm
Motor power: 110kw
Main components and their functions:
1. D-type tub: prompt pulp reflow with formatting cycle.
2. Rotor device: Collect heavy impurities and bring them to sedimentation tank or heavy slag collection tank
3. Outrigger: used to support the tub and the rotor device.
4. Drive mechanism: shorten maintenance time, improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs

Leizhan company specializes in the pulp and paper industry. Customers around the world have purchased our complete set of pulping equipment, including D type hydrapulper, pressure screen, refiner, etc. And they have established a long-term relationship with us because we have the highest quality products and project solutions. For other details on how to start a papermaking project, feel free to contact us. Email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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