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10TPD Toilet Paper Making Line Machine

To meet the needs of customers, Leizhan company provides 10tpd toilet paper making line machines for their paper mill projects. The paper produced by our equipment can make you more competitive in the market while saving energy and reducing costs. In addition, we have a complete set of pulp machines.

Toilet Paper Making Machine Details

Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper, white shavings, etc.
Trimmed width: 3200mm
Paper kind: toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper
Production capacity: 8 – 10t/d
Basis weigth: 14 – 30gsm
Working speed: 160 – 220m/min
Paper pulping system: including these equipment of hydrapulper, cleaner, pressure screen, refiner, etc.

Leizhan company is a recognized and experienced paper mill manufacturer. We provide complete set of 10tpd toilet paper production line machine from stock preparation system machine to finished paper to help protect your investment. Feel free to contact us about our products or other questions.

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