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15TPD Tissue Paper Making Line Machine

For tissue paper mill project, our company’s 15tpd tissue paper making line machine can help you save energy and run project efficiently.  And in tissue paper production process, we also have stock preparation line machine for tissue paper project. More details are described as follows.

 Tissue Paper Production Line Equipment

1. Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp,waste newspaper, etc.
2. Trimmed width: 2400-2880mm(design according to your need)
3. Paper kind: tissue/toilet/napkin paper
4. Production capacity: 15tpd(design according to your need)
5. Basis weight: 13-40gsm(design according to your need)
6.Stock preparation line machine:
Chain conveyorD type hydrapulperHigh density cleaner – Inclined screen – 1st mid consistency coarse screen – Fiber separator – Reject separator – Mid-density cleaner – Fractionating screen – Long fiber 1st pulp pump for cleaner – Long fiber low density cleaner – 1st stage Mid consistency pressure screen – 2nd stage Mid consistency pressure screen – Inclined screen – Double disc refiner – underlayer pressure screen – Inclined screen – Toplayer pressure screen before paper machine

Leizhan company has specialized in pulp and paper manufacturing industry over 40 years. And our 15tpd tissue paper making equipment made lots of customers satisfied and helped them more competitive in the market. More details about this could be supplied for you, waiting for your contact all the time.
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