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5TD High-speed Tissue Paper Machine


5TD high-speed tissue paper making machine is used to produce tissue paper, toilet paper of 1880mm net paper width. And the production of finished tissue paper needs turn-key pulping system and paper machine to complete.

Tissue Paper Machine Technical Parameters

Raw material: white paper, waste books, magazines, and white pulp boards

Production variety: toilet paper, tissue paper

Net paper width: 1880mm

Basis weight: 17-40g/m2

Output: 4-5t/d

Design speed: 180m/min

Working speed: 80-140m/min

Gauge: 2800mm

Pressure method: pneumatic pressure

Transmission mode: segment drive, AC frequency control

There are some necessary steps in the production process of tissue paper: paper pulp screening-slag removal pulping-refining. Which needs to complete set of pulping equipment to finish a series of paper pulping flow.

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