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Crescent Toilet Paper Machine For Paper Mill


Crescent Toilet Paper Machine is always very popular with many toilet tissue paper maker. Generally, crescent toilet paper machine is mainly used to produce the capacity that over 20TPD, then cylinder toilet paper machine is used to manufacture the the capacity that less than 20TPD.

Crescent Toilet Paper Machine Details

Products: Toilet paper, facial tissue, toilet paper
Raw material: Wood pulp, bamboo pulp, sugar cane pulp, reed pulp, etc.
Trimmed Width: 1760-3900mm
Basis weight: 13-25g/㎡
Running speed: 650m/min-1300m/min
Output: 36T/D-80T/D
Steel drying cylinder diameter: 3000mm-3660mm
Air hood form: High-speed hot air hood
Steam consumption per ton of paper: 2.4t/t-3.0t/t
Water consumption per ton of paper: 6-12m³/T

The equipment provided by our company has a reasonable mechanical structure, and the advanced equipment reduces the cost of the enterprise. Advanced paper machine system makes operation faster and more proficient.

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