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Dryer Cylinder Of Paper Machine Dryer Section


Paper machine dryer section is mainly for improve paper dryness, while the dryer cylinder is the key part in paper machine dryer section. So how it works of dryer cylinder for improve paper sheet dryness?

Dryer Cylinder Work Principle

Four sections of paper on the dryer cylinder:

First section: The air and water vapor with the paper into dryer cylinder, form the air film between dryer cylinder and paper sheet.

Second section: The dryer felt evacuates most of the air and the heat of steam is directed through the dryer cylinder casing into the paper. As the paper contacts dryer cylinder surface, the dryer felt presses the paper into dryer cylinder surface and improves contact condition. Dryer felt also prevents moisture from evaporating when the paper is on dryer cylinder. So when the heat is passed to the paper, the temperature of paper on dryer cylinder rises with little evaporation. Effect of paper sheet temperature on drying efficiency: Increasing heat transfer will increase the temperature of the paper sheet leaving dryer cylinder and increase the paper sheet evaporation effect between dryer cylinder. The same high efficiency of the evaporation process will reduce the temperature of paper sheet, so that the paper into the next dryer cylinder with lower temperature, lower temperature conducive to heat transfer, improve drying efficiency.

Third section and fourth section, the paper sheet began to evaporate a lot of water.

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