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Headbox In Paper Making Line

The headbox is composed of pulp distributor (distribution device for pulp), weir pool(rectifier for pulp) and weir plate(connector). The function of these components are different, they play an unique role during the paper making.

Each Part Effect

Pulp Distributor: The function of pulp distributor is to distribute the feeding slurry evenly along the full width of wire to the weir pool of the headbox.

Weir Pool: It used to provide a static pressure head suitable for the wire speed according to the requirement of paper machine speed, and to homogenize the pulp with the help of leveling elements arranged in it and produce appropriate turbulence, so as to disperse the fiber flocculation in the pulp and stabilize the pulp flow. Ensure the uniform distribution of pulp on the wire.

Weir Plate: Its effect is to spray evenly and stably into the forming wire in the correct position according to the velocity and direction required for the forming of paper sheet in the flowing part of feeding part, in order to obtain a better organized sheet of paper.

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