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How To Determine Vacuum Suction Boxes Number


The actual number of vacuum suction boxes required for one paper machine depends on the types of paper produced, which is mainly depends on the dewatering performance of slurry. It is usually estimated by using unit index method, that is, using the paper production volume per unit water absorption area of similar paper machine vacuum suction box to estimate.

Common Number Of Vacuum Suction Boxes

Produce thin paper with easy dewatering slurry: 2

Produce packing paper by coarse pulp: 3-4

High-speed paper machine produce newsprint: 6-8

Capacitor paper: 7-8

Greaseproof paper: 9-14

At present, a multi-layer vacuum box is also used, that is, several vacuum degrees are set in the same vacuum box, so that the vacuum between the sections won’t lost, and the white water doesn’t redistribute through the sheets between vacuum sections to increase the amount of dehydration.

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