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Main Differences About Coarse Screen And Fine Screen

Screening equipment plays a very significant role in the process of waste paper pulping, so it is crucial for paper makers to select eligible pulping machine to produce fine slurry. Meanwhile, the coarse screening and fine screening of pulp making have some different effect and contribution in fine pulp production.

Main Divergence

1. Coarse screen generally uses the screen drum of hole screen, and fine screen generally uses smaller slot screen.

2. Coarse screen is equipped with heavy slag remover port, but fine screen has no remover port.

3. Coarse screen is used in coarse screening section, and fine screen is used in fine screening section.

4. The mainly step is crushing–high-concentrated sand removal–coarse screen (tailing processing equipment)–fine screen–refining system–low-concentrated sand removal system–concentration (inclined screen/ disc thickener)-streaming system.

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