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Paper Ash Content In Paper Making Process


Nowadays, paper making mill is increasingly concerned about the increase of paper ash content, so why the paper ash content is increasely concerned in paper making process.

Paper Ash Content Influence

1. Effect of paper ash on paper thickness: Thickness indicates the thickness of paper. Paper making filler have a great impact on paper thickness. The total paper ash content increased, the paper thickness decreased. Because the filler density is bigger than the fiber, have a greater impact on the thickness.

2. Effect of paper ash on folding endurance: The paper folding endurance is increased with the improvement of fiber beating degree, the total ash content is high, the fiber content will decrease, and the folding endurance of the paper decreases at the same time.

3. Effect of paper ash on paper smoothness: The calcium carbonate and clay in the paper ash content have an effect of improving paper smoothness.

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