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Paper Machine Lubricating Oil


Lubricating oil is one of the essential items in paper machine production line. The importance of lubricating oil in paper machine mainly depends on its good performance characteristics, which can meet the demand of high speed production of paper machine.

Paper Machine Lubricating Oil Feature

1. Anti-foaming: Paper machine lubricanting oil have a good anti-foaming, so that the bubble produced in the cycle of oil can be better disappeared to ensure the formation of normal oil supply and oil film;

2. Abrasion Resistance: Paper machine lubricanting oil have good abrasion resistance, can be very good to avoid lubrication parts wear or abrasions under heavy load;

3. Cleanness: It has a good clean dispersion, can be very good to prevent sludge deposition, resulting in side effects;

4. Anti-emulsification: Paper machine lubricanting oil also has a good anti-emulsification, can separate the water mixed into the oil quickly to ensure the oil use performance.

5. Anti-rust: Lubricating oil in paper machine also can play the role of anti-rust for lubricating parts.

6. Viscosity Temperature: Lubricants can maintain the normal lubrication of paper machine under the large working temperature changes.

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