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Paper Mill Pulping Machine Agitator

During the papermaking process, pulp affects the quality of the finished paper. For this reason, our company provides customers with a agitator, the agitator can be applied in the pulp chest of the paper mill production line. The main purpose is to stir the pulp in the tank to keep the pulp in a suspended state. Customers can get better benefits by using our company’s agitator.

Pulp Machine Agitator Details

Equipment name: agitator (customers also name it propeller)
Model: JB series
Consistency: equal or less than 5%
1. Make sure the burning ingredients are evenly distributed.
2. The angle can be adjusted according to the slurry concentration.
3. Professional and advanced blade design, strong thrust.
4. Excellent performance, suitable for slurry making papermaking needs.

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