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Sizing Machine In Waste Paper Pulping Line


The sizing machine is divided into horizontal and inclined form. The purpose of pneumatic pressurization and surface sizing is to prevent liquid penetration, to obtain good surface properties and to improve physical performance of paper sheets, which is an effective means to improve virgin paper performance.

Horizontal Sizing

The emulsified glue is continuously, evenly and stably coated on the surface of paper through sizing machine surface. After a series of physical effects, such as infiltration, osmotic extrusion and so on, a very thin waterproof layer is formed on the surface of paper, which greatly improves the water absorption of paper, and improves bonding strength between fibers and compactness of paper under the action of tglue, so as to improve the transverse annular pressure index and longitudinal fracture length of paper.

Inclined Sizing

When the sizing arrangement structure of sizing machine is inclined, a pair of sizing rollers are arranged along the horizontal direction of 30 °. The paper drawn by the dryer cylinder group enters sizing tank composed of two sizing rollers to carry on surface sizing, and then enters the lower group dryer cylinder to dry. Two rollers: one is chromium plating roll or artificial stone roll, the other is special rubber for sizing, the upper roll is fixed, the rubber roll side is pressurized upward, and the pressure form is pneumatic.

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