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Test Preparation Before Rewinder Running

Toilet paper rewinder equipment is mainly used in the manufacture of toilet paper, toilet paper rewinder equipment should be careful during the use. The toilet paper rewinder should be put into trial operation, and preparation should be made before the trial operation.

Operation Preparation

1. The toilet paper rewinder equipment should be carefully checked before trial operation of each component of the toilet paper rewinder in place. If you want to tighten the nut, the reducer should also add lubricant according to the roller skating standard;

2. Check the toilet paper rewinder equipment bearings, reducer, etc., whether the upper and lower chain rows are blocked, run off, whether the motor is overloaded to record its current;

3. After the physical operation is qualified, it must run continuously for 12 hours before it can be formally transferred to production;

4. It is necessary to strictly check bolts of the flying knife and the bottom knife, whether the nuts have been tightened;

5. Carry out the separate operation of the knife wheel and feed, and then carry on the comprehensive no-load operation after the normal operation, and then carry on the physical trial operation after the inspection is correct.

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