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Tissue Paper Machine Wire Section


Tissue paper machine wire section may occur some problems in tissue paper making process, so what’s the problems and how to deal with it?

Tissue Paper Machine Wire Section Solution

1. The wire runs away: In the paper machine wire section, the guide roller position has been transferred to the end, but the wire still move to the side. In addition to the unskilled operation of the operator, the main is the couch roller malposition, which roller position is uneven, uneven couch roller pressure, table roll with malposition in the wire running process. If the above methods isn’t the reason, can check the paper wire connector whether there is a warp stagger connection phenomenon.

2. Wire pasting: According to the impurity properties of copper mesh, polyester mesh and pasting wire to determine cleaning methods. Cleaning can use pressure water flushing, steam washing, acid and alkali washing, as well as organic solvents washing, etc. For the polyester mesh to use pressure water flushing, can be determined according to the paper machine speed. Low-speed paper machine can use low pressure water and auxiliary high-pressure hydraulic giant cleaning.

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