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Headbox Of Different Types


The headbox can be divided into three types:opening headbox, closed headbox, hydraulic headbox. In spite of they are called headbox, but different types of headbox play a different role during paper making with different advantages and disadvantages, and they are applied to different speed level of paper machine.

Different Performance

Opening headbox (low speed): the pulp level of headbox is used to control the speed of inlet wire paper stream, and there is a better rectification effect of open headbox pulp. When the speed of paper machine is increased to 500m/min, the open headbox becomes larger and more complicated in terms of volume and height, thus limiting the adaptability of open headbox to further increase the speed.

Closed headbox (medium speed): is used for long wire or hybrid network paper machine of 300~700m/min. When the speed of vehicle changes, it is only necessary to change the air cushion pressure, so can get the required speed of paper web flow, the operation is flexible, the adjustment is convenient, and the use effect is good.

Hydraulic headbox (high speed): for paper machines with speeds up to 2200m/min. It can control the edge flow of directional distribution of fiber banners, providing uniform lateral quantitative distribution and good fiber orientation distribution.

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