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2400-6600mm Duplex Board Paper Machine

Whiteboard/duplex board paper also has certain uses in some areas. So we supply 2400-6600mm duplex board paper machine for paper mill project. It can bring great profits for customers.

In duplex board paper production line, we also provide paper pulp making machine that has high efficiency, getting great accept pulp to meet the paper making demand.

2400-6600mm Duplex Board Paper Machine Information

1. Paper grade: duplex board paper
2. Trimmed width: 2400 – 6600mm
3. Basic weight: 200 – 350gsm
4. Operating speed: 200 – 600m/min
5. Production capacity: 200 – 1400t/d

Leizhan manufacturer have 2400-6600mm duplex board paper machine, complete paper pulping line for paper mill project. Feel free to email or message us for the total cost and details.

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