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Waste Paper Recycling Pulp Machine

Jul 24 2020

In waste paper recycling process, customers from Iran ordered our pulp machine for their corrugated paper mill. It can reduce your investment, maintenance and save energy, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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Paper Pulp High Density Cleaner Delivery

Jul 22 2020

Indian customers bought our paper pulp high density cleaner for their paper mill from many suppliers. This machine has fine cleaning efficiency, long service life, etc.

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150T/D Corrugated Paper Pulp Making Line Delivery

Jul 01 2020

Iranian customers have a new 150t/d corrugated paper project. And They bought our pulp making line machine. For this delivery, we keep our words according to the contract. Our machine all have stable operation and reduce maintenance.

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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Pulp Machine Delivery

Jun 27 2020

A large-scale enterprise start a corrugated cardboard production line, and bought our pulp machine for their project. And our pulp machine can help you save energy and reduce investment.

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Paper Pulp Making Line Machine For Tissue Paper

Jun 22 2020

Regular customers choose our paper pulp making line machine again for tissue paper project. It has the great advantages of simple process, energy-saving, stable operation and less maintenance. For paper project, our paper pulp making line is more competitive in paper industry.

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Armenia Corrugated/White Board/T Paper Project Delivery

Jun 19 2020

Through a field visit, customers from Armenia ordered a full set of pulping equipment for their corrugated paper,T paper/white board paper making project.

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Russia 200T/D Packaging Paper Pulping Machine Delivery

Jun 06 2020

Russian client ordered our company Leizhan full set of pulping machine for packaging paper.Excellent machine performance and perfect service,Leizhan provided complete paper pulping line machine.

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200TPD Kraft Paper Fluting Paper Pulp Making Line Machine

Jun 06 2020

Customers from Russia started a new 200tpd kraft fluting paper project and purchased our paper pulp making line machine. Our pulping line is more simple than others. It also has great advantages.

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White Board Paper Corrugated Paper Pulp Machine Delivery

May 25 2020

For white board paper corrugated paper project, customers from Armenia ordered our pulp machine in their paper project. And our engineer can design the pulping process to help you save energy and get higher output.

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Kraft Paper Corrugated Paper Making Equipment Pulp Machine

May 22 2020

Customers from Nigeria started new kraft paper corrugated paper making line. And they have chosen our equipment including pulp machine from many suppliers. And our full set of equipment has brought better profits for many paper mills.

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