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Refiner Equipment

Leizhan refiner equipment has Disc Refiner and Claflin Refiner, also the Disc Refiner includes ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner and DD Series Double Disc Refiner, and the Claflin Refiner includes ZDJ Series Claflin Refiner and ZM Conical Series Claflin Refiner.


What Industries Use Them?

Leizhan Refiner Equipment

ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner

ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner is used for beating and improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the paper making demand...

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ZM Series Conical Refiner

ZM series conical refiner is mainly used for coarse and fine refining of pulp, broke paper, recycled pulp, and it is available...

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DD Series Double Disc Refiner

DD Series Double Disc Refiner is used for continuously pulping chemical wood pulp,mechanical pulp, and recycled pulp under...

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ZDJ Series Claflin Refiner

ZDJ Series Claflin Refiner(large taper refiner): compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency, low power consumption,...

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RF Series Double Disc Refiner

In paper making equipment, our RF series double disc refiner can be used for pulping, improving slurry beating degree...

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