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Pulper Equipment

Leizhan pulper equipment is mainly about D Type Hydrapulper, Drum Pulper, High Consistency Pulper, Drum Screen, Vertical Hydrapulper, Bales Breaker, Ragger, Grapple, Cutter, and so on.

To buy a paper pulper someone have to trace some parameters such as type of pulper, volume, consistency, processing capacity and motor power consumption.

Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper is better?

Drum pulper: the drum pulper can remain maximum the physical property of the fiber. It is used for disintegrating waste paper and processing deinking pulp. This type of pulper should be operated batch-wise. The Power Consumption & Cost Comparation is lower than D Type Hydrapulper.

D Type Hydrapulper: the rotational speed is fast, which can crush all raw materials(such as: waste paper & wet strength paper) in a short time. Through dissociating, it can maximum make the paper’s fiber dissociating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, it can maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength.


What Industries Use Them?

Leizhan Pulper Equipment

D type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification. Through dissociating, it can...

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Drum Pulper

Drum pulper is mainly used to breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency...

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Bale Breaker

Bale breaker is mainly used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting. The hole of drum can remove smaller impurities...

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Vertical Hydrapulper

Vertical hydrapulper is mainly used for breaking pulp board, damage paper and waste paper, etc. in waste paper pulp processing...

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High Consistency Hydrapulper

High consistency hydrapulper is used for breaking the waste paper under high consistency. The rotor combines triple-flighted...

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ZDSZ Series M.C. Hydrapulper

M.C. Hydrapulper is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.

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Drum Screen

Drum screen is used to remove light impurity in recycled paper pulping system. Effective screening, low motor power...

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Grapple is mainly used for grappling heavy and large impurities from sediment well in pulp and paper making industry. Easy to maintain...

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Ragger is a kind of rope twisting machine, it is mainly used in paper making industry to remove the twined materials in the waste pulp...

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Rope Cutter

Rope cutter is used for cutting off the rope from ragger in waste paper recycling system. Double hydraulic cylinders makes...

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SZS Series Broken Pulper

Our SZS series broken paper pulper can deal with the broken paper from various kinds of paper machine in paper making line for paper mill...

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For paper making line project, this high-quality grapple can directly grab huge amount of light impurities from the pulper's barrel....

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