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Bleach Tower-Bleaching Mechanical Pulp


Leizhan Bleach tower is used in pulp and paper industry for bleaching mechanical  pulp at stock preparation process at both high and mid consistency. Bleaching tower washing results in cleaner pulp to the paper machine which is applied for producing high quality magazine paper grades, brighter packaging paper grades.

Leizhan bleaching tower for mechanical pulp providing maximum brightness with minimum chemical consumption for SC, LWC, improved newsprint, and bleached board grades.

Bleaching tower washing cleaner pulp to the paper machine (reduction of COD, extractives, anionic trash, turbidity) and thus improves the runability of the paper machine, reduces consumption of wet-end chemicals, and increases the intervals for cleaning of felts, wires, and roll covers. Post-bleach washing also provides an opportunity to separate the water loops of the mechanical pulping system and the paper machine. Recovery of residual peroxide and its re-use in pre-bleaching also offer economic benefits.

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