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Critical Technical Points During Paper Making


In the production of inclined wire papermaking machine, it is necessary that on-site regulation should be carried out on the quality of papermaking and the process parameters of normal operation.

Internet Concentration

The concentration of the Internet must first be ensured to produce a shape, especially long fibers. Under the premise of quantitative determination, the concentration of the Internet is the main parameter determining the amount of pulp on the wire. The adjustment of the net concentration will cause a large change in the amount of sizing.

Dehydration Pressure Difference

The dewatering pressure difference is the dynamic parameter for ensuring the dewatering of the inclined net. It is to complete the smooth and uniform dewatering of the whole process under a constant dewatering pressure difference to ensure the good bulk and permeability of the paper. The dewatering pressure difference is mainly determined by the dehydration resistance.

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