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Dehydration In Paper Machine Press Section


Paper sheet dehydration efficiency in paper machine press section is affected by many factors, so what’s the factors to influence
paper machine press part dehydration efficiency?

Paper Machine Press Part Dehydration

1. Selection of felt: According to paper machine characteristic and the actual need to choose suitable felt rationally, such as multi-axis felt, joint felt and multi-layer non-woven felt, these felts have excellent initial applicability, excellent retention of thickness, large water capacity, continuous and stable dehydration ability.

2. Washing of felt: Keeping the felt clean is an important guarantee to improve paper machine press section dehydration efficiency. Generally adopt mechanical washing and chemical washing; The washing concentration, temperature, dosage and washing position are critical.

3. Vacuum system configuration: The configuration of vacuum system shoule be reasonable, the wire section and press section vacuum system must be separated, the vacuum system of vacuum suction roller, vacuum pressure roller and vacuum suction tank should separate to avoid mutual influence.

4. Cleaning of roller and suction tank: The transparent hole of vacuum suction roller and vacuum pressure roller is very important, strengthen the cleaning to maintain smooth, otherwise the drop and throwing water will occur; The surface cleaning of groove roller, blind hole roller or groove blind roller is also very important, roll surface cleaning, doctor blade position, doctor blade material,etc will affect paper machine press section dehydration efficiency.

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