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Duplex Board Paper Making Project

Our duplex board paper machines have been well received by customers from Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries in the world. Customers can adopt our duplex board paper machine to produce duplex board paper.

Duplex Board Paper Making Details
The duplex board paper making contains two parts: waste paper pulping line and duplex board paper making machine.
First, the waste paper will be transported to a D-type hydrapulper for pulping.
Secondly, a high density cleaner will be used to remove staples, stones and glass from the mud.
Thirdly, the pulp will be conveyed to the mid consistency pressure screen for the coarse screen. After coarse screening, the tailings pulp will be processed by the reject separator.
Then, a fine wire of mid consistency will be applied for a fine pulp wire.
The finely sieved pulp will be transported to a double disc refiner to improve the degree of beating and the quality of the pulp.
Finally, the inflow pressure screen before the paper machine will be apply for the final step of pulp treatment.

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