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Duplex Board Paper Project Machine

Duplex board paper project machine are designed for the production of duplex board (a board consisting of two layers). Typically one layer is softer and more absorbent, while the other layer is harder and provides strength. Duplex board is commonly applied in packaging, particularly in applications where printability, strength and folding resistance are required at the same time.

Duplex Board Paper Making Machine Specification

Raw Material: waste carton paper, occ, locc, etc
Output paper: duplex board paper
Production Capacity: 200-1400tpd(design according to your need)
Trimmed width: 2400-6600mm(design according to your need)
Basis weight: 200-350gsm(design according to your need)
Operating Speed200-600m/min

According to your production requirements, our engineers will design the duplex board papermaking process. If you need cheap duplex board paper project machine, please feel free to send us an email or leave a message.

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