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Effect Of Closed Air Hood

Air hood can improve thermal efficiency, and it can extract most of the moisture and heat after evaporating and drying the paper, which are contained in the exhausted water vapor, and are taken out of the air hood and enter the heat recovery system for heat recovery and reuse.

Air Hood Benefits

1. The main function of the air hood is to capture and remove moisture from the dryer.

The hood and hood exhaust fan are the main equipment for this task. The drying section of high-yield paper machines will evaporate tons of water vapor every minute.

2. Provide a controlled drying environment to optimize the ventilation performance of the bag area.

The ventilation system of the bag area and the air hood can coordinately operate to control the dry environment and control the humidity in the bag area to be very low and uniform. Improve the paper machine’s drying capacity and reduce the fluctuation of banner moisture distribution.

3. Adjust the air flow organization inside the air hood to stabilize the paper web and improve the efficiency and speed of the paper machine.

The stable operation of the paper web in the dryer section is an important condition for high efficiency and high speed of the paper machine.

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