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How To Solve The Paper Machine Broken Paper?


In paper making process, paper machine broken paper is one of the most annoying phenomenon, so how to reduce the frequency of broken paper and solve the paper machine broken paper to reduce loss and increase production?

Broken Paper Causes And Solutions

Broken Selvage

1. Net edge wire broken: Timely clean net edge, remove the broken wire.

2. Amass slurry in wire edge: Improve the baffle board of top layer pulp and core layer pulp, increase the strength of edge water.

3. Poor use of spray cutter: Use well the spray water or increase the intensity of water spray. At any time to check the working status of the spray cutter, select the fine spray cutter.

4. Wire deviation: Clean the slurry on the guide roller timely, to ensure that the running tension consistent of forming wire and dryer felt, to ensure that the roller running smoothly.

Slime pulp

Headbox moistening slurry: When stopping, thoroughly clean the headbox and water pipe nozzle, select high-quality nozzle. Reasonable to custom cleaning cycle. When downtime, thoroughly clean the related facilities, without leaving trouble.

Speed instability

1. Vacuum fluctuations: Check the sealing water is sufficient, stable, vacuum pump bearings and gears are running properly, vacuum box is leaky or blocked. Stabilize the approach flow pulp concentration, to avoid fluctuations.

2. The forming section, dry wire tension is not enough: Appropriate adjust the tension to ensure that the tension automatically control device normally work.

3. The speed difference of same group dryer cylinder: Check the group dryer cylinder intake and dryer condensate discharge is normal; Check the dryer cylinder bearings, gears and other transmission is lack of oil or damaged.

4. Bad doctor blade: Replace the doctor blade or adjust the angle.

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