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Hydrapulper Equipment Maintenance


Hydrapulper equipment is the most commonly pulping equipment in paper pulping industry, but no matter what kind of pulping equipment, after a long time there will be a performance decline. In order to delay the arrival of this situation, to increase equipment service life, hydrapulper equipment need to do maintenance regularly.

1. Lubrication: Lubricate equipment bearing regularly, add grease once every two weeks, and change it thoroughly every year.

2. Replace the cutter, dead knife: Regularly check the wear of rotor cutter, after wearing of the rotor cutter and sieve dead knife, pulping efficiency reduce, should timely replace worn blades.

3. Replace screen plate: With the increase of sieve wear and screen hole, need to replace screen plate.

4. Prevent metal and other coarse hard debris falling into the hydrapulper equipment.

5. Regularly check the equipment, bolts should not be loose, the motor shall not exceed the rated current, bearing temperature exceeds 35 degrees of ambient temperature, should be shut down to check.

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