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Paper Machine Dryer Felt Cleaning


Paper Machine Dryer Felt need to be constantly cleaning in paper making process, so what’s the reason of paper machine dryer felt cleaning?

Paper Machine Felt Cleaning Reasons

1. In order to make the paper sheet drying more stable, thus improve the operation stability.

2. Maintain the dryer felt permeability.

3. Do not need a separate shutdown cleaning.

4. Used to clean the dryer felt, quickly remove the dirts attached to the dryer felt through the ultra-high pressure water.

Dryer Felt Cleaning Device

1. Dryer Felt Cleaning Device is a device that can be moved, and cleaned with high pressure water.

2. The cleaning head is fitted with two inclined nozzles. The cleaning head is installed in the shield and sealed with compressed air to prevent the fiber entering.

3. Mainly to remove dryer felt pollution source, dryer felt stickies, inks and so on.

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