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Paper Machine Wire Section Break

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Paper sheet break usually occurs in paper machine wire section, so what’s the reason of paper machine wire section break and how to deal with it?

Paper Machine Wire Section Break Reason

1. The mechanical pulp ratio is high, chemical pulp is few, wet paper strength is low.

2. Feeding pulp beating degree is too high, dehydration speed is slow, waterline elongated, guiding paper in couch roller easily broken.

3. The low vacuum of couch roller, dehydration is not good; sometimes the vacuum degree is very high, but the number of holes blocked is much, and the moisture from couch roller is still larger.

4. The pulp speed is too much lower than wire speed, cause the fibrous disconnection phenomenon, produces paper break.

Paper Machine Wire Section Break Solution

1. Should increase the dosage of chemical pulp and improve paper sheet wet strength.

2. Reduce the beating degree of mechanical pulp and chemical pulp, improve the water filtration performance.

3. Check the couch roller sealing system and vacuum system if has air leakage.

4. The outlet valve open largely and enhances the sizing pump speed regulating motor to ensure the headbox pressure head, enhances the slurry speed, prevents the fibrous disconnection.

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