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Paper Machine Wire Section Waterline


When the slurry flow is sprayed into paper machine wire section, with the dewatering process, in the wire section appeared a clear boundary line, which is called paper machine wire section waterline.

Paper Machine Wire Section Waterline Influence Factors

Beating, chemicals, paper machine suction box board, lip openings, etc., all have an impact on waterline, and the wire using time, cleanliness and so on, will affect paper machine wire section waterline.

1. Unstable waterline will make tightness and evenness worse. Waterline is too long and the gas consumption will rise.

2. Waterline is long, mainly due to beating degree is high, because the fiber is short to form sticky pulp, or else the raw material is poor. Followed by the technological differences of wire section. Then it is the influencing factor of dehydration components.

3. The waterline backward, it indicates that the moisture content of wet paper is high. If the waterline suddenly moves backward during the normal production process, it means that the paper base weight is high or the beating degree of the pulp is high, indicating the difficulty of dehydration.

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