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Paper Making Machine Forming Section

paper making machine forming section

Paper Making Machine Forming Section is the paper machine important part for pulp forming wet paper sheet in paper making process, so how to maintain the paper machine forming section?

Paper Machine Forming Section Maintenance

1. Usually pay attention to the guide roller work to prevent the wire deviation.

2. Don’t immediately tight the wire end for the wire just on the paper machine, should wet crawling in the lower tension, so that the full wire with balance tension, and then slowly tighten the wire to the processing scope.

3. Strengthen washing of the wire. To use high-pressure pendulum washing spray pipe well, when paste wire, can use low concentration lye or acid liquor for washing.

4. Before changing wire, be sure to carefully check the dewatering element, roller surface whether is smooth without burr, no sharp blister. Do the necessary treatment or replacement for the defective dewatering element or roller. In addition, keep the wire roller blade tight to prevent the wire wrapped pulp.

5. When the downtime is long, the wire should be relaxed to prevent the local stress is too large. Every time stop, be sure to clean the wire and the wire inside and outside equipment to prevent the large hard pulp damage the wire when turned on.

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