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Paper Making White Water


White water is the water that discharged from the paper machine wire section in paper making process, and it contains fine fibers and other substances added to the pulp. Almost all of the paper making mills adopt totally enclosed or semi-enclosed to reduce papermaking water consumption, save power consumption, increase white water reuse, and reduce excess white water discharge.

White Water Types

Thick White Water: The water discharged from wire roller part with high fiber content, is known as thick white water, can dilute paper machine pulp, improve the paper sheet quality, such as improving evenness, reduce the air permeability, etc.

Dilute White Water: The water discharged from the vacuum suction box, vacuum coucher, is known as dilute white water, less fiber content, can be sent to the beating, washing section using or dilute pulp.

Pulp Storage Tower

Pulp Storage Tower is for storing pulp, white water to ensure continuous production in paper pulping and paper making process, in the event of equipment failure to ensure continuity, does not affect the production.

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