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Paper Pulp Claflin Refiner Equipment


Claflin Refiner is a continuous pulping equipment for coarse and fine pulp in paper making pulp process, which has the advantage of compact structure, less space occupation low efficiency, high power consumption, strong adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustment and convenient maintenance.

Paper Pulp Claflin Refiner Structure

Paper Pulp Claflin Refiner Equipment is mainly composed of frame, shell, rotor, stator and the gap adjusting device, the infeed and retractor make the rotor axial relative movement to the shell by means of the gap adjusting device. Inlet pulp at the top of the spindle, the outlet pulp is located in the tangential direction of the shell, the pulp flow out along the tangential direction of the shell.

Paper Pulp Claflin Refiner Maintenance

1. Regular cleaning equipment to keep the equipment clean and tidy.

2. The rolling bearing plus grease three months once, six month check and change oil once.

3. Greasing sliding surface between the moving seat and the shell once a week, clean and change oil once three month.

4. Trapezoidal screw add grease once three month,clean and change oil once a year.

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