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Paper Smoothness And Color Rendering Effect

In general, paper with high smoothness can uniformly transfer ink at the intersection of image and dot at the maximum contact area during imprinting, so that the dots are clearly appeared on the paper, so that the dot can be clearly and fully reproduced on the paper, and the color and luster of ink can be fully reflected on the surface of paper.

Paper Making Process

1. During paper making, paper with low smoothness, ink transfer is not uniform, insufficient, and the paper has strong permeability to ink, and the color rendering effect is poor, it is often prone to the phenomenon of print ink color, lightness, and partial printing.

2. Smoothness meter, the smoothness has a great influence on the quality of printed products. Therefore, in the papermaking process, we should improved paper smoothness as much as possible. In the printing, the paper with different smoothness should be selected according to the quality requirements of printed products, which requires quantification of smoothness. It is quantified by using “seconds” in the national standard, and the corresponding instrument is smoothness meter.

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