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Pulp Cleaning Low Density Cleaner


Low Density Cleaner is the cleaner equipment for removing heavy impurities in the pulp, Leizhan Low Density Cleaner is made with professional design and excellent material.

Low Density Cleaner Equipment

1. The cylinder of low density cleaner a section is 304 stainless steel finished pipe (thickness is 4mm); A section of the low density cleaner inlet and outlet pulp pipe(thickness is 5mm) and all the pulp pipe is 304 stainless steel;

2. Two section of the low density cleaner the middle section is lining of ceramic outsourcing 201 stainless steel; Lower cone is isostatic pressing wear-resistant industrial ceramics to improve the cleaner equipment service life.

3. Each low density cleaner pulp inlet and outlet, discharge port with PVC ball valve, which is beneficial to the equipment maintenance in running and adjust the production, avoid the system downtime, and enhance the equipment continuous operation capacity.

KH-600 Low Density Cleaner

Single Throughput: 600~800L/min

Inlet Pulp Consistency: 0.5~1.0%

Inflow Pulp Pressure: 0.2~0.35MPa

Outlet Pulp Pressure: 0.1~0.15MPa

Pressure Drop: 0.05~0.15MPa

Volume Deslagging Rate: 8~12%

Solid Deslagging Rate: 15~20%

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