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Pulp Pressure Screen Equipment Tips


Pressure screen equipment is the advanced pulp screening equipment in paper pulping process of paper mill, pulp with middle concentration screening, can save a lot of production water, reduce power consumption, heat loss, waste water discharge, simplify the pulping process. There are some tips about the pressure screen equipment operation.

Pressure Screen Equipment Tips

Pressure screening system is closed, so the point of controlling should focus on stable production and prevent sieve plate clogging, pressure screen equipment controlling points are:

1. The pressure screen is only at the right pressure to achieve the best working condition, so the pressure transmitter is installed before the pulp enters pressure screen equipment.

2. The pulp concentration of pressure screen should be kept relatively stable, so that it is possible to ensure that the amount of dry pulp in per unit time into the pressure screen equipment is stable at a certain flow rate, and it is also possible to prevent the pulp pump from being stabilized beating due to the pulp concentration is too rich. Concentration meter installed after the pulp pump, while dilution black liquor is entering before pulp pump.

3. The control of the inlet pulp flow needs to be very precise. At the front, which directly affects the level of intermediate tank, and its flow must match the pulp of intermediate tank; at the rear end, its flow must match with the pressure screen processing ability.

4. Tailing pulp flow is very important, the tailing pulp rate is too low will make the screening reject concentration is too high, resulting in paste sieve or even squeeze sieve; Tailing pulp rate is too high to reduce the pressure screen efficiency.

5. Dilute black liquor amount must be matched with the tailing pulp output volume, so dilute black liquor volume and tailing pulp displacement should be controlled in proportion.

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