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Pulp Pump Equipment

Pulp Pump Equipment

Pulp Pump Equipment is mainly applied to transport liquid or solid materials in paper mills paper making process. Reference to foreign advanced technology, the pulp pump is designed to suit domestic pulping, so it’s widely used in paper pulping process.

Pulp Pump Equipment Design

1. Hydraulic: Adopt open high-distortion impellers with 3,4 or 6 blades, widen the flow passage, which canz transport paper pulp containing lots of air, longer fiber or bigger grains, with high passage rate, the max transport thickeness can reach 6%.

2. Process Part: Impeller, front antifriction plate and rear guard plate adopt precision casting to make pulp pump with high efficiency and stable running, low energy consumption.

3. Structure: Adopt rear door open structure and coupling with intermediate shaft, bearing box is designed inside the bearing bracket to adjust the gap between impellers, any abrasion in operation, the front gap of the impeller can be adjusted so as to ensure the high efficiency of the pump.

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