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Surface Sizing With Paper


Surface sizing is a process in which a uniform thin layer of rubber is applied to the surface of paper for the purpose of obtaining other special properties such as sizing properties on the surface of the sheet. There are two basic methods for obtaining sputum properties: internal sizing and surface sizing.

The Effect Of Surface Sizing

1. Surface sizing has multiple effects, not only to obtain good sizing performance to increase the hydrophobicity of the paper. In most cases, it is to increase the surface strength of the paper, improve the wear resistance and durability of the paper, and more importantly.

2. It can improve the hair loss and powder loss of the paper, so as to solve the writing and printing properties of the paper. In addition, the physical strength indexes such as breaking resistance, folding resistance, tensile strength, delamination strength, annular compression strength and stiffness can also be improved by surface sizing.

Surface sizing is mostly used for high quality paper grades such as advanced writing paper and offset printing paper. Surface sizing is also required for paper grades that are filled with high loading or that are produced with pulp and microcells.

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