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Vibrating Screen Equipment Maintenance


Vibrating screen equipment is for pulp screening and removing impurities in the pulp, for vibrating screen equipment long service life, some tips need to notice.

Installation Precautions

1. According to basic drawings size, set the centerline position, casting basis, the basic bolt hole position deviation shall not be greater than 10mm.

2. The foundation after curing, clean the basic hole, anchor bolt threaded part oiled, threaded into the machine bolt hole, install nut, the wedge-shaped horn on the basis.

3. Check the motor steering, the motor wheel direction should be rotated to the slag side.

Maintenance precautions

1. Bearing shell refueling once a week, every six months to change, the choice of 3 lithium-based grease.

2. Should always clean the sieve body to keep screen hole unblocked.

3. Often check whether screen body, sieve plate has damage, the components of vibrating part has damage, timely solve the found problem.

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