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Work Principle Of High Density Cleaner


High Density Cleaner is mainly used for removing heavy impurities to clean pulp in pulping making system, it has the advantage of small occupied area, large production capacity and easy to operate. Leizhan is a professioanl manufacturer of pulp& paper equipment, high quality equipment are exported to 128 countries and praised by customers.

Main Structure

Input and Output Pipe

Upper Cone, Lower Cone

Backwash Water

Slag Pot

Auto-Discharge With Pneumatic Valve

PLC Control Cabinet

Work Principle Of High Density Cleaner

Pulp enters into high density cleaner along tangent direction under pressure, use the input and output pressure gap as power to make pulp screwing along cone and produce centrifugal force, with the effect of centrifugal force, heavy impurities in the waste paper are thrown at the surface of upper cone, and move down naturally by gravity, accepted pulp be output. Heavy impurities and some fiber sink to the lower cone, with washing of high pressure backwash water, fiber floates to the upper cone ,and heavy impurities sink to the slag pot.

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