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Yellowing Of Coating White Board Paper


Coating white board paper yellowing is a oxidizing reaction of coating white board paper with oxygen, so what’s the factors will influence coated white board paper yellowing?

Coated White Paper Board Yellowing Influence Factors

1. Coating Base Paper: Fiber type and composition of raw coating paper; PH of raw coating paper; Other raw materials of raw coating paper.

2. Fluorescent Brightener: Fluorescent brighteners are mainly derivatives of stilbene disulfonic acid (or tetrasulfonic acid) because residual lignin in the pulp or some of the pigment components in the coating will cause yellowing of coating white paper board, and the fluorescent whitening agent is to eliminate the yellowish tint, which is a way to improve the quality of coating white paper board. Although the effect of brighteners is short-lived, because it is yellow in itself, more brighteners will also affect the yellowing of the paperboard.

3. Color Paint: The use of more color pigments will exacerbate the degree of yellowing of the coated whiteboard.

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