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20T/D Whiteboard Paper Making Project


20T/D Whiteboard Paper Making Project top layer is use the wood pulp as material to pulp, the pulp equipment in paper pulping process is vital for pulp quality to make whiteboard paper.

Whiteboard Top Layer Pulping Process

The raw material wood pulp firstly into the D-type hydrapulper for pulp, then the pulp is conveyed by pulp pump into pulp chest, after the pulp go through inclined thickener for thickening, following is double disc refiner for continuous pulping, then the pulp is transported by pulp pump to pre-machine screen for paper making.

Whiteboard Top Layer Pulping Equipment

D Type Hydrapulper: C=3~5%, Motor power=75kw

Double Disc Refiner: C=3~5%, Motor power=110kw

Pre-machine Screen: C=0.5%, Motor power=15kw

Pulp Chest Agitator: C=3~5%, Motor power=11kw

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