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Paper Coatings-Detailed Use Of Pigments

It is estimated that the pigment density is about 2.5 and the density of the remaining solids in the coating is about 1.0. In addition to solid materials, the coating also includes a space filled with air – micropores, so pigments are the most important factor affecting coating properties.

What Is The Ideal Coating Pigment?

(1) chemically stable, inert in water, insoluble;

(2) All wavelengths of light can be 100~ reflected;

(3) no impurities;

(4) suitable particle size and particle shape distribution;

(5) having a high refractive index and increasing opacity;

(6) having a low adhesive requirement;

(7) has good rheology;

(8) can be dispersed at a high solid content;

Actually, the choice of pigments has become a balance in many cases since no pigment can satisfy these advantages at the same time.

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