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2100mm Corrugated Paper Machine

2100mm corrugated paper machine is an energy saving and environment friendly paper making machine, with the production capacity of 18-24t/d. That is mainly designed for small and middle paper mills, hope this machine will bring good profit for customer.

Technical Description

Raw material: waste paper, AOCC, LOCC, etc.
Paper kind: corrugated paper, package paper, etc.
Net paper width: 2100mm
Gauge distance: 3000mm
Working speed: 20-60m/min
Production capacity: 18-24t/d
Transmission mode: distributed transmission, AC frequency control
Dimensions: 38500 × 5500 × 4500

Our company supply different sizes of corrugated paper machine, which separately suitable for small, middle, large paper plants. If you have interest with paper machine or pulping equipment, be free to contact with me: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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