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2400mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Due to customers’ trust and requirements, our company has supplied 2400mm corrugated paper making machine to its paper production lines. The machine is mainly applied to produce corrugated paper, which has the advantages of energy saving, low cost, high efficiency, etc., and it allows you to adopt technologically advanced pulping equipment to make the paper machine more efficient.

Corrugated Paper Making Machine Details

Raw material: waste paper, waste carton, occ, locc, etc.
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Basis weight: 100 – 200gsm
Paper kind: corrugated paper, cardboard paper, kraft paper
Working speed: 150 – 180m/min
Production capacity: 30 – 40t/d

In corrugated paper production line, our 2400mm corrugated paper making machine and pulp equipment has brought better results for customer project. No matter what kind of difficulties you face in pulp and paper making process, you don not need to worry, our professional team will be there for you. Welcome to contace us when you have free time.

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