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300TPD Carton Making Machine

Paper Manufacture Equipment 300 t/d carton making machine is designed for paper plant that would like to produce large capacity new paper. This paper making equipment is mainly used to produce carton and high-strength corrugated paper.

Paper Machine Main Technical Data

Output paper: high-strength corrugated paper, carton

Slurry ratio: 50% waste paper pulp, 50% semi-chemical wheat straw pulp

Basis weight: 100~150g/m²

Net paper width: 4400mm

Capacity: 300t/d

Working speed: 450-550mmin

Transmission speed: 600mmin

Dynamic balance speed: 700mmin

Gauge: 4350mm

Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed division drive

Main drive power: 2516KW

Dimensions: 88500×11800×6200

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