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30T/D Corrugated Carton Production Line

For paper mill, we have 30t/d corrugated carton production line machine, including corrugated fluting paper machine, paper pulping system, etc. That can help you get great profits with less investment cost.

30T/D Corrugated Carton Production Line Machine

1. Corrugated paper machine
Raw material: waste paper
Finish paper: corrugated paper, fluting paper
Production capacity: 30t/d
Trimmed width: 1880 – 2880mm
Basis weight: 60 – 150gsm
2. LOCC pulp making line, stock preparation project
D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Inclined thickener → First stage mid consistency coarsc screen → Reject separator → Mid density cleaner → Mid consistency fine screen → Inclined thickener → Double disc refiner → Inclined thickener → Paper machine screen

About 30t/d corrugated carton production line, our professional will offer more details, such as price, technical proposal, specification. If you are interested in it or want to start new paper making business, welcome to email or message us at any time.

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