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3400/350 Two Wire Paper Making Machine


3400/350 Two Wire Paper Making Machine is mainly for high-strength corrugated paper and kraft paper making, the paper width is 3400mm, and the working speed is 350m/min. So what’s the two wire paper machine making process?

Two Wire Paper Machine Making Process

Air cushion type headbox — double fourdrinier wire — first stage vacuum suction transfer roll — fist stage k type combined press — first stage double felts φ1350 big roll press — one φ1500 leading paper dryer cylinder — 3φ1500UNO dryer cylinders and 23 φ1800 dryer cylinders(1+3/3 adopts single hanging type+10+10 ) — sizing machine — 10 φ1800 dryer cylinders — calender — B/M — pneumatic reeling machine.

Paper Machine Section Technical Data

Headbox: Air cushion type headbox, lip width is 3700mm, starching concentration is 0.6~0.9%.

Wire Section: Fourdrinier wire, designed wire tension is 7KN/m, wire width is 3850mm, bottom wire table length is 21mm, top wire table is 7mm.

Press Section: Vacuum suction transfer roll + K type combined press + double felt large diameter press type, designed felt tension is 5KN/m, after press paper dryness is 46-48%.

Dryer Section: Dryer section is equipped with 1 Φ1500 paper leading cylinder, 3 Φ1500UNO cylinders, 33 Φ1800 dryer cylinders. Dry wire designed tension is 4kgf/cm, finished paper dryness achieve 92%.

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