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350T/D 3 Layers Packaging Paper Making Machine


350T/D 3 layers packaging paper making machine is 4800mm three wires type paper machine, mainly used for fluting, test-liner and top white with the GSM from 90 to 200 paper making, so what’s the paper machine details?

4800mm Paper Machine Technical Parameters

Main Product: Fluting (Corrugated) Paper, Test-liner, Top White kraft

Basis Weight Range: 80-350g/㎡

Trimming Width: 4800mm

Working Speed: 400m/min

Design Speed: 450m/min

Transmission Type: Digital control AC frequency convention sectional drive.

Paper Machine Section Parameters

Headbox: Air Cushion type, lip width is 5200 mm

Fourdrinier Wire Section: Three wire type, wire section frame is mild steel cladding with SS 304; Max working extension is 7KN/M (PET forming wire)

Press Section: Press type is vacuum pick-up+ vacuum press+ dual-felt jumbo press + dual-felt jumbo press; Felt max working extension is 5KN/m

Dryer Section: 41 sets of φ1800 dryer cylinder and 3 sets of φ1500UNO cylinder; Wire design tension is 5KN/m

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